MAN is a hero that has suffered for a long time.Once he was member of Obsidian corporation and Dr. Evils best friend.Dr. Evil betrayed him and erase his memories.Now,he joins with the team called The Protectors to save the univerzum from the Dr. Evil and his evil corporation.

Story 2Edit

MAN uses his two blaster pistols that he call Baby and Baby2 but no one knows the reason.That pistols are Obsidian corporation most powerfull weapons that Dr.Evil gave to MAN.But he use other kind of weapons maybe little too many of them.

Name Unknown
Surname Unknown
Species Unknown
Favourite food Definitly a hamburger
Friends Hawky man,Black guy,Indian bird guy...oh yea fireman(he died),Dr. Evil(once)
Enemies Dr. Evil,Dr.Evils servantes...
Mentors Beardy master(once),Dr. Evil(once)
Titles The chosen one,the great ninja,MAN,Best guy in the univerzum ;)
Weapons Baby and Baby2,and a lot,lot,lot other weapons(he dont use them very often)

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